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Cast aluminum electric heating plate

Cast aluminum electric heating plate

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It will be more widely used in the manufacturing industries of airlines, aerospace, small cars, mechanical equipment, etc. especially in the automobile industry, in order to reduce the oil consumption improve the utilization rate of electric energy, it is a long-term development trend for Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting manufacturers to replace steel iron castings with aluminum nickel base alloy castings. Among them, it mainly deals with zero pollution, high efficiency simple practical operation of refined technology, Mould technology, crystal optimization technology rapid inspection technology in front of the furnace. In order to further improve the performance of raw materials give full play to the potential of raw materials, raw materials of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles can be developed designed. The production of low-pressure aluminum castings in Zhejiang Province is very important for aluminum based polymer materials to consider different working conditions;

Promote the scientific research of cluster aluminum alloy smelting process, continue the scientific research of development design of aluminum alloy die casting squeeze casting process related technologies; improve the scientific research of development design of non-ferrous metal smelting equipment related technologies processes


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