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What are the processes of low-pressure aluminum casting before processing painting?

2019-11-18 16:09:31


Spray painting preparation process of aluminum zinc parts. The purpose of this procedure is to guide the operators to operate properly ensure production safety. 2. Application field this requirement is applicable to the process operation of spray paint parts in our company. Three. Obligation 3.1. Aluminum die casting workshop: use the technology to carry out daily manufacturing tasks improve the process; 3.2. Quality service department: implement according to the inspection specifications. Inspect raw material parts.

4.10. Phosphating treatment: carry out phosphating treatment for parts up down for 15 minutes in phosphating solution, often rotate. The production manufacture of auto parts cast aluminum parts cause high density of gray black air oxide film on the surface of parts. Turn often. 4.7. Dry manic: dry manic in drying oven for about 1.5 hours, dry manic surface moisture. 4.8. Sandblasting: according to the daily task of manufacturing, the products of electroplating process do need sandblasting, there are regulations. It can be cleaned phosphatized, sandblasting process must be carried out for spraying parts. It can be carried out in the shot blasting machine for 2-3 minutes, so as to produce fine even adhesion surface on the surface of parts. 4.9. Cleaning: clean the dirt on the surface with cleaning fluid for about 15 minutes. 4.11. Cleaning: use cold water to clean the phosphating solution on the surface, use the drying equipment to air dry the steel parts of Hangzhou Auto parts aluminum casting manufacturer. Dry manic: in the electric oven. Bake up down for 1.5 hours, dry surface water, pay attention to stick oil when transporting. 4.13. Phosphating treatment maintenance products shall be stored in dry impetuous areas, the room environment humidity is suitable for too high. For each phosphorus chemical part, the factory date validity period shall be marked. The validity period of spraying shall exceed five days for the production of Hangzhou Auto parts aluminum castings, the other shall exceed three months. Part painting preparation process 1. The purpose of this procedure is to guide the operators to operate properly ensure production safety.


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