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Aluminum casting manufacturer: classification application of low pressure casting parts

2019-11-18 16:09:31


Cast iron contains more than 2.11% carbon contains more silicon, manganese, sulfur phosphorus. The effect of residue in steel cast iron is completely different. For example, phosphorus is the key aluminum alloy element to improve its wear resistance in wear-resistant cast iron. All of manganese silicon are the key elements in cast iron. Sulfur is the only harmful element.

The structure characteristic of cast iron is with graphite, the rest of the structure is equal to the structure of steel with carbon water content < 0.80%. The key decision of ductility plastic deformation of cast iron is the total number, appearance, size distribution of graphite, in which the appearance of graphite is more harmful. Other properties of cast iron are also closely related to graphite. The conventional structure is the key factor to damage the strength, tensile strength wear resistance of cast iron.

There are many kinds of classification of castings: according to the difference of the commonly used metal composite materials, the castings are divided into stainless steel castings, cast iron castings, copper castings, aluminum alloy die castings, magnesium castings, zinc castings, titanium castings, etc. Each casting can be further divided into different types according to its composition metallographic analysis structure. For example, the cast iron can be divided into gray iron, ductile iron, vermicular iron, malleable iron, aluminum alloy iron, etc.; according to the different ways of metal mold casting, the casting can be divided into general sand mold casting, metal material mold casting, die casting, suction filtration casting, continuous casting, investment mold casting, porcelain mold casting, Electroslag Remelting Casting, wear-resistant steel pipe casting, etc. Among them, the most commonly used sand mold castings are Hangzhou Auto parts aluminum castings, accounting for about 80% of all casting production. Aluminum, magnesium, zinc other rare metal castings are mostly die castings.

The main use of castings is very common. At present, they have been applied to hardware all mechanical equipment electronic industry, their main use has become a developing trend. In fact, large medium-sized mechanical equipment, such as engineering construction, hardware, machine equipment, engineering mechanical equipment, CNC lathes, ships, aerospace, cars, electric locomotives, electronic devices, computers, household appliances, lighting other manufacturing industries, many of which are all touched by the general public all day long, but do know the metal materials articles Zhejiang auto parts aluminum casting manufacturers.


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