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What are the processing steps of auto parts casting aluminum parts?

2019-11-18 16:09:31


(1) Which quenching solution? Aluminum alloy profile castings are generally heated to less than 300 ℃, after heat insulation for a period of time, the whole process of furnace cooling to room temperature is called quenching. In the whole process of quenching, the solid solution dissolves, the second phase object is polyaluminium casting manufacturer: classification main use set of processing castings for aluminum castings of Zhejiang auto parts, removal of thermal stress of castings, maintenance of stable specifications of castings, prevention of deformation, improvement of plastic deformation of castings.

(2) What is solution treatment? The casting is heated to the melting point of the basic eutectic crystallization, then cooled for a long time at this temperature, so that the hard bottomed component can be melted maintained at high temperature until room temperature. The whole process of Zhejiang auto parts aluminum casting factory is called solution treatment. Solution treatment can improve the compressive strength, plastic deformation corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy. The actual effect of solution treatment is generally related to solution treatment temperature, solution treatment heat insulation time cooling rate.

(3) What is recession healing? Aging is the way that the solution treated castings are heated to the set temperature then discharged cooled slowly in the gas after a period of time. If aging strengthening is carried out at room temperature, it is called natural aging. If the aging enhancement is carried out in the natural environment higher than the room temperature after a period of time, it is called artificial service aging. Aging solution is the whole process of spontaneous dissolution of saturated solid solution, which can restore the normal lattice constant of aluminum alloy to a stable condition.


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