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Introduction to casting of auto parts aluminum casting

2019-11-18 16:09:31


The forging types of aluminum alloy are as follows: because the composition of aluminum alloy is different, the physical properties of alloy are different, the whole process of crystal is different. Therefore, according to the characteristics of aluminum alloy, it is necessary to an effective forging method to avoid reduce the generation of welding defects within the allowable range, so as to improve the forging process. The bonding forging properties of aluminum alloy are generally considered to be the most prominent comprehensive properties in the whole process of filling, crystallizing cooling. Fluidity, shrinkage, sealing, forging stress adsorption. This performance of aluminum alloy lies in the composition of the alloy Zhejiang low-pressure casting manufacturing, also lies in the forging elements the heating temperature of the alloy.

(1) Fluidity refers to the working ability of filling casting with liquid alloy. Fluidity determines whether the alloy can forge complex castings. In aluminum alloy, the fluidity of eutectic alloy. There are many factors that are harmful to fluidity, such as composition, temperature alloy auto parts casting aluminum parts manufacturers. There are air pollutants such as hydroxides of solid particles chemicals of metal materials in the liquid, but the external elements of the foundation are pouring temperature pouring working pressure (also known as pouring head).

(2) Shrinkage is one of the key characteristics of forging aluminum alloy. Generally speaking, the alloy is divided into three parts, liquid pouring to condensation, to refrigeration to indoor temperature. The shrinkage of alloy is harmful to the quality of casting. It endangers the specification of shrinkage porosity, the formation of in-situ stress, the generation of cracks the change of specification. Generally, the shrinkage of castings is divided into volume shrinkage linear shrinkage. In specific manufacturing, linear shrinkage is generally used to balance shrinkage. Shrinkage of aluminum alloy. The shrinkage of aluminum alloy is usually expressed as percentage, that is, shrinkage.


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