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Advantages of auto parts cast aluminum parts

2020-02-24 12:47:26


Aluminum die casting is a kind of working pressure forging parts. It is a working pressure casting mechanical die-casting machine equipped with a casting grinding tool. The aluminum aluminum alloy profile heated as liquid is poured into the feed port of the die-casting machine, then the die-casting machine is used to die-casting Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting parts, casting the aluminum parts aluminum alloy profile parts with the limited appearance specification of the grinding tool. Such parts are generally called Aluminum die casting.


(1) It can produce metal parts with complex appearance, clear contour thick wall deep cavity. Because the molten metal material maintains high fluidity under high pressure high speed, metal material parts that cannot be processed by other processing methods can be obtained.

(2) The precision of die casting is high, reaching it11-13, sometimes it9, roughness ra0.8-3.2um, good exchangeability.

(3) High utilization rate of raw materials. Because of the high precision of die casting, it can be used in assembly line only after a small amount of machining, some die castings can be used in assembly line immediately. The utilization rate of raw materials is about 60% - 80%, the utilization rate of hairy embryo is 90%.

(4) Manufacturing efficiency. Because of high-speed filling, fast filling speed low-pressure casting processing plant, the metal material industry has fast condensation faster die-casting working cycle system. Among all kinds of forging processes, die casting is the most efficient suitable for mass production.

(5) Easy to use package inserts. It is convenient to set the precise positioning organization on the die-casting grinding tool, to insert the casting package easily, to consider the unique characteristics of the die-casting part.


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