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Surface coating process of low pressure casting

2020-02-24 12:49:29


Spray technology can be generally divided into: spray, powder spray electrophoresis principle. After the surface treatment of steel parts, Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting production adopts suitable painting process machine equipment for different steel parts on appearance corrosion resistance. In addition, attention should be paid to the operation of technological processes such as leveling, dryness, refrigeration, etc., otherwise it will have a negative impact on product quality.

In general, the spraying process can get better appearance quality. Spray coating has good glossiness, color aging resistance. It is generally used in occasions with high appearance requirements such as car outer coating motorcycle oil tank. For the occasions with high anti-corrosion provisions, such as motorcycle frame, refrigerator placed in the dining room kitchen so on, powder spraying process is generally selected. Electrophoretic principle process is generally used for salt spray resistance test, low-pressure aluminum casting processing, impact resistance other occasions with high requirements as primer. Naturally, like car wipers high-end anti-theft locks, it can meet the requirements with only one layer of electrophoretic paint. Sometimes three processes can be used for a commodity, which depends on the comprehensive factors at all levels.

There are advantages disadvantages in each of the three processes. In terms of investment in machinery equipment, the one-time project investment in electrophoresis equipment is large, the key equipment is imported; the one-time project investment in powder spraying equipment is at least, but because the powder baking temperature is high, the operation cost of machinery equipment (energy consumption) is high low pressure casting manufacturers. At present, foreign countries have already developed electrostatic powder with good leveling property low dry solid temperature, as well as paint materials with anti-corrosion characteristics that can match electrostatic powder beautifully.

A good precision die-casting business must have a sound casting surface treatment system software weapon equipment, so when choosing a die-casting company, we must pay attention to the aluminum alloy die-casting surface treatment ability.


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