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Heat treatment process of aluminum alloy in low pressure casting

2020-02-24 12:51:28


Its key purpose is to drive the structural mechanical function of the aluminum alloy, which is harmful to the addition of standards: adding a concave die under the high specific pressure sensing, high temperature rise fall of the aluminum alloy, improving the activity, which is conducive to the driving of the casting quality.

1) The higher the melting point, the greater the specific pressure with utilization ratio; 2) the higher the temperature of the aluminum alloy liquid, the lower the temperature of the abrasive tool, the larger the working pressure consumption; 3) the overall planning of the casting the software scheme of the pouring system, the greater the friction resistance, the lower the working pressure compliance; 4) the partial adjustment of the injection force, the increase of the system software, the manufacturing of the cast aluminum parts of Zhejiang automobile, the better the injection characteristics the quality of the driving casting;

Renovation of working pressure in the process of injection system:

1) Too low pressure injection (generally no more than 0.3 M / s), 2) high speed injection (1-5 M / s), 3) pressure build-up of 0.05-0.03 s,

Selection of specific pressure:

1) The specific pressure shall be selected according to the compressive strength requirements of the die casting. Generally, 480KG. Force / cm3 shall be selected for the castings, 940kg. Force / cm3 shall be selected for the castings with high relative density,

2) According to the thickness of casting:

Improve the anti-corrosion function, improve the processing class, can get the standard steadiness. After the rapid heat treatment tempering, the transfer rate of the steel piece is within 10 seconds after the completion of the temperature control time. The key parts of the furnace are heat treatment furnace body, development distribution, low-pressure casting parts manufacturing of material releasing car Hangzhou, portable stainless steel water tank for heat treatment, a heat treatment material rack, temperature posture control, etc. The key parts of the furnace wall are cover, charge, heating components, heating circulation system drainage equipment, distribution of charge frame charge frame elevator, furnace bottom door pneumatic opening equipment, etc. Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting manufacturer is composed. The furnace charge is composed of two parts. The furnace wall is made of super light environmental protection energy-saving bricks aluminum silicate fiberboard. The top part of the furnace is the theme activity type, the high-quality aluminum silicate fiber felt needled felt is selected as the thermal insulation material. The overall planning of the structure is effective, with good thermal insulation function, low furnace wall temperature, energy saving emission reduction features. The heating element is made of 0cr25al5 iron cobalt alloy, which is spirally evenly distributed on the silk laying bricks around the west of the furnace wall to make the temperature in the furnace even.


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