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Processing method service life of cast aluminum parts for auto parts

2019-11-18 16:09:31


The processing method service life of aluminum castings in the production process mainly refer to the pure aluminum aluminum alloy equipment devices obtained by casting. Aluminum aluminum alloy parts of various shapes sizes are usually called aluminum die castings. The production method of aluminum casting also determines its service life quite long service life. In order to prolong the service life of aluminum castings, the following points should be paid attention to in both production use of Zhejiang auto parts aluminum castings manufacturing:

1. If nitriding is selected, the nitriding layer should be too deep; when the surface of the model is at high temperature, the coolant Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum production manufacturing should be closed; the temperature of liquid aluminum should be reduced as much as possible; mold release agent should be sprayed.

2. After proper heat treatment, quenching cooling must be fast enough; the surface of aluminum castings should be highly polished; after a certain amount of die casting, stress relief tempering should be carried out. Use inserts whenever possible.

3. The distance between the cooling water channel the surface the corner should be large enough; the spraying speed of the polymetallic liquid of Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum parts manufacturer should be too fast; the dimensions such as the die wall thickness should be reasonably designed.

4. Preheat the die to the recommended temperature with correct method; stress relief tempering after rough machining; oxidation treatment of die surface; selection of turning angle.

5. Remove the spark layer by grinding; make sure the mold is properly cooled; keep the cooling water temperature between 40 50 ℃; use a slow hammer when casting 5 to 10 pieces of aluminum. 6 pounds. In case of temporary shutdown, the mold shall be set as far as possible the cooling water shall be reduced to avoid thermal shock when the mold is restarted.



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