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Large low pressure cast aluminum heating plate

2019-11-18 16:10:45


Zhejiang Aokai Metal Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production manufacture of cast aluminum heat preservation plate. Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum parts factory is specialized in large medium-sized cast aluminum heaters for panel assembling machines. Key products include: electric heating plate electric heater products (cast aluminum heat transfer tablet, 2m x 3m) electric heater core air heater, electric heater for separation equipment, FRP anticorrosive electric heater storage tank, oil, fuel oil electric heater, steam electric heater, explosion-proof electric heating constant temperature water tank, etc., applicable to gas heating, water heating, fuel pipe heating, available The products of vulcanized rubber, plastic, small electrical appliances other manufacturing industries are sold all over the country, are adopted by many of the most important engineering projects. Some models of products are sold to Southeast Asia, are appraised by customers all over the world.

If your factory has to use all kinds of heating plates, please contact Hangzhou low pressure casting factory (including all kinds of spare parts of secondary welding machine all kinds of sealant). People will pay special price to our customers immediately. In recent years, according to the continuous capital investment, accelerate the development trend, integrate the product series of various types specifications into the market demand. The company's development strategy is to "open to the outside world in all directions, develop at all levels, dare to surpass the international excellent standard with the help of scientific technological innovation." the company's philosophy is to develop a factory with high new technology, to make practical innovation, to forge ahead with unity, to be honest trustworthy. Our products are reliable in quality affordable in price. If you have to use all kinds of heating plates, please contact Hangzhou Auto parts casting aluminum factory. People will pay special price to our customers immediately. Cast aluminum insulation board is also a good metal material.


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