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Process application range of aluminum alloy low pressure casting

2020-02-24 12:54:57


One of the methods of aluminum alloy die casting is die casting of Zhejiang auto parts. The die-casting steel mold die is a kind of high-pressure molten metal material which is closely connected with the injection. The general application of aluminum alloy die-casting professional skills, die-casting process may be the general forging process, compared with other aluminum casting process. The die casting method is an application of the whole planning which is suitable for the production of large quantities of spare parts. Die casting production of parts, more detailed, produce more refined process performance limit of consistency of love.

In the process of aluminum casting, it is used for the case of lawnmower, the case of road lamp, the frame of printer, stomatology supplies, frying pan, back cover plate, surface utensils, escalator, belt conveyor, airport deep sea hardware configuration lighting hook produced aluminum alloy profile outboard motor parts.

Aluminum alloy die casting in four steps. Mainly, the oil is coated in the mold then closed in the mold. The oil like material will be beneficial to controlling the temperature of the mold, the generated casting parts will be easier to remove. Then the inspection standard of low-pressure casting parts, the molten metal materials will be forced into the mold under high pressure. High pressure spurting requires dexterity before die forging hard bottoming. The mold will be replenished the working pressure will be maintained until the molten metal material is hard bottomed. After that, open the die remove the forging.


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