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Aluminum heating plate

Aluminum heating plate

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  • Release date:2020-04-02
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Aluminum casting is a process in which the molten aluminum is poured into the abrasives the necessary die casting is produced by refrigeration. The castings obtained by aluminum casting are called aluminum castings.

The application development trend of this kind of raw materials will last for a long time because of its low cost, strong technology, remelting reconstruction, saving resources electric energy. For example, Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum parts manufacturing, such as scientific research, development design of cupola reheating furnace dual melting process weapon equipment, generally excellent technology of desulfuration filtration of molten iron flue gas; Production manufacturing technology of thick wall high toughness aluminum die casting; production manufacturing technology of pig iron high polymer material; surface partial strengthening technology of aluminum die casting; complete equipment technology of equal temperature ocean fire ductile iron casting; Special technology weapon equipment such as metal mold casting, sand covered metal material mold forging, Hangzhou low-pressure casting, etc. are selected for forging light aluminum alloy. Because of its low relative density, high strength, corrosion resistance a series of high-quality characteristics,




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