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Cast aluminum electric heating plate

Cast aluminum electric heating plate

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In the traditional die-casting process, there are several kinds of improved processing technologies, including no hole die-casting technology to reduce welding defects eliminate air holes. Zhejiang low pressure aluminum casting processing is suitable for the production processing of zinc, which can reduce the waste improve the output rate of the immediate injection processing technology. There are also new die-casting technologies such as precision, speed density die-casting technology semi-solid die-casting technology invented by general power enterprises.

Die casting is a kind of precision casting method which uses high pressure to force the metal material into the complicated metal mold. In 1964, the Japanese die casting Research Institute defined die casting as "pressing molten aluminum alloy into high-precision mold at high temperature, many forging methods for manufacturing high-precision high-quality casting surface in a short period of time". Die casting is called diecasting in the United States, pressure diecasting in the United States. What the Chinese practitioners know is the Japanese name, called die casting. The castings produced by die casting are called diecastings.

The compressive strength of this kind of raw material is nearly twice as high as that of the general forged aluminum alloy. It has more active practical significance for the components which are expected to be made of higher toughness impact resistant raw materials, such as aluminum alloy profile wheel low-pressure casting parts manufacturers' window frames.




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