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Aluminum castings

Aluminum castings

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The processing technology standard of low pressure casting includes mold filling, pressurization, mold heating temperature, pouring temperature, the architectural coating of the mold.

(1) Filling pressurization

Rising pressure refers to the necessary pressure attached when the metal level rises to the rubber inlet. In the design of low-pressure casting parts, the high-speed rising rate of liquid metal in the rising pipe should be as slow as possible, which is beneficial to the exhaust of the steam body in the die, also can prevent the liquid metal splashing when it enters the rubber inlet.

(2) Filling pressure filling rate

The filling pressure PA is the pressure needed to instigate the liquid metal filling to rise to the top of the mold. In the filling process, the pressure change rate on the metal level is the filling rate.

(3) Boost boost rate

After the liquid metal is filled with the die, it is pressurized again, so that the crystal of the casting can be condensed under a certain size of pressure, which is called crystal pressure. The higher the pressure of the low-pressure casting aluminum, the better the actual effect of feeding, the higher the density of the final casting structure. But according to the expanding pressure of crystal to improve the quality of castings, all conditions can be selected.


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