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Aluminum castings

Aluminum castings

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Holding time

When the working pressure of the die rises to the working pressure of the crystal, it is maintained for a period of time under the working pressure of the crystal until the casting is completely condensed, the necessary time is called the holding time. If the holding time is enough the casting is completely condensed, the pressure will be released. All part of the metal material liquid in the die will flow to the batch donation. The manufacturing of auto parts aluminum castings will cause the casting to be "emptied". If the holding time is too long, the rubber inlet residue will be too long, which will only reduce the yield of processing technology, but also cause the rubber inlet to be "frozen clean" make the casting difficult to exit, so the manufacturing A suitable holding time must be selected.

Metal mold casting temperature pouring temperature

Low pressure casting can choose a variety of metal mold, the working temperature of non-metallic material mold is generally indoor temperature, special requirements first, there will be certain regulations on the working temperature of metal material mold. For example, when the bottom pressure aluminum alloy is cast, the working temperature of the metal material mold is generally controlled at 200-250 ° C. when pouring the heavy wall miscellaneous parts, the low-pressure casting equipment of the aluminum casting can reach 300-350 ° C.

With regard to the pouring temperature practical experience of aluminum alloy, the lower the casting temperature is, the better the casting temperature is.

Architectural coatings

If the metal material is used for low-pressure casting, in order to improve its service life casting quality, it is necessary to brush latex paint; the architectural coating shall be symmetrical, the thickness of architectural coating shall be determined according to the surface smoothness of casting casting structure.


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