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Pump body part

Pump body part

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In addition, the scope of casting part specification net weight is very wide, the metal type is basically unlimited; in addition to the general physical properties, the parts also have comprehensive mold energy such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance shock absorption, which is impossible for other metal forming methods such as forging, rolling, welding punching. Therefore, the price of low-pressure casting aluminum parts is still the most in the total tons.

The raw materials often used in foundry manufacturing include various metals, coke, wood, plastics, vapor liquid fuels, modeling design raw materials, etc. There are various furnaces for smelting metal, various sand mixers for sand mixing, various molding machines core formers for molding design core making. Zhejiang low pressure casting plant has sand dropping machines shot blasting machines for cleaning casting parts. There are also equipment equipment for special casting as well as many equipment for transportation raw material solution.


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