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Casting production has different characteristics other processing technologies, the key is wide adaptability, need to use more raw materials equipment, environmental pollution. Casting production will cause the environmental pollution of dust, harmful substances noise to the natural environment, which is more serious than other mechanical equipment manufacturing processing technology, so effective operation must be taken.

The development trend of foundry products is to stipulate that castings have stronger comprehensive molding energy, higher precision, less less capacity smoother surface in low-pressure casting plant. In addition, the regulations of environmental protection energy conservation the call of social development for the restoration of the geographical environment are increasingly high. In order to integrate this regulation, new cast aluminum alloy will be developed designed, new process equipment will appear in smelter.

In addition, the level of professional automation technology of casting production is constantly improving, it will be a large number of soft production development trend. Hangzhou low pressure casting aluminum factory will expand its adaptability to different large-scale multiple types of production. The application of new technologies to save resources raw materials will be greatly developed, new processes equipment that cause little no environmental pollution will be the first to become important. The quality control system will have a new development trend in the aspects of inspection, nondestructive testing in-situ stress measurement.


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