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Pump body base

Pump body base

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The casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, the preparation of casting metal in advance, the preparation of mold in advance the solution of casting. Cast metal refers to the metal raw materials used for casting in casting manufacturing. It is an aluminum alloy composed of a metal element as the key component other metal non-metal elements added. Hangzhou low-pressure aluminum casting production is customarily called cast aluminum alloy. The key is pig iron, steel casting cast non-ferrous plate aluminum alloy.

After the casting is removed the casting mold with pouring refrigeration, there are rubber inlet, riser metal burr seam. The casting of sand mold still adheres to sand, so it must go through the removal process. The machines equipment used in this kind of work include shot blasting machine, automatic cutting machine for rubber inlet riser, etc. Sand removal of sand casting is a process flow with weak labor standard. Therefore, when choosing the pattern design method, we should give full consideration to creating a convenient standard for sand removal. Due to special requirements, some castings also need post-treatment process, such as quenching tempering, plastic aesthetic treatment, rust prevention, primary processing, etc.

Casting is a more economic development of the forming method of the hairy embryo. It can show the rationality of the information for the complicated parts. Low pressure casting aluminum parts processing factories, such as engine block cylinder head of engine, ship aircraft propeller its exquisite crafts. Some parts that can't be drilled, such as nickel base superalloy parts of gas turbine generator, can't be formed without casting.


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