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The casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, the preparation of casting metal in advance, the preparation of mold in advance the solution of casting parts. Cast metal refers to the metal raw materials used for casting castings in casting manufacturing. It is an alloy composed of one metal element as the key component other metal non-metal elements added. Hangzhou low pressure casting factory customarily calls it casting alloy. The key elements are pig iron, steel casting cast non-ferrous plate alloy.

Metal smelting is only a simple melting, but also includes the whole process of the smelter, so that the metal poured into the mold can meet the estimated requirements in terms of temperature, composition purity. Therefore, in the whole smelting process, a variety of inspection testing should be carried out to control the quality. The liquid metal can be poured only after the specified index value side is achieved. Sometimes, in order to achieve higher regulations, the metal solution shall also be solved outside the furnace after being published, such as flue gas desulfurization, vacuum pump degassing, refining outside the furnace, creation modification treatment, etc. The common machines equipment for smelting metal in Hangzhou Auto parts casting aluminum factory include cupola, electric arc furnace, induction heating furnace, high temperature furnace, reflection furnace, etc.


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