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Forming process

1. Gravity casting: sand casting, hard mold casting. The molten metal is poured into the mold cavity with the help of the gravity of the metal itself.

2. Working pressure casting: bottom pressure casting, high pressure casting. With the help of additional elevated working pressure, molten metal is pressed into the casting cavity in an instant.

Casting process generally includes

① Mold (the vessel that makes liquid metal into solid casting) is prepared in advance. According to common raw materials, mold can be divided into sand mold, metal mold, porcelain mold, mud mold, high-purity graphite mold, etc. according to the application frequency, low-pressure aluminum casting processing factory can be divided into one-time mold, embroidery mold permanent mold. The quality of mold preparation in advance is the key factor that endangers the quality of casting;

② For the melting pouring of casting metal, the key of casting metal (casting aluminum alloy) includes various pig iron, steel casting, casting non-ferrous plate metal aluminum alloy;

③ Casting solution detection, including the elimination of core casting surface dirt, removal of pouring riser, Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum factory grinding burr drape other protuberances their conditioning treatment, plastic beauty, rust prevention primary processing.


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