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Advantages: 1. Be able to make parts with complex shapes, especially the hairy embryo on the complicated inner wall;

2. With wide adaptability, the common metal composite materials in industrial production can be cast, the cold insulation of low-pressure casting parts can reach several hundred tons;

3. Raw materials come a wide range, high quality low price, such as waste steel, waste parts, cutting, etc;

4. The shape specification of the casting are very close to the parts, which reduces the cutting amount belongs to the non cutting production processing;

5. Generally used, 40% - 70% of the net weight of agricultural machinery 70% - 80% of the net weight of CNC lathe are all castings.

Defects: 1. Physical properties are inferior to that of steel castings, such as thick mechanism, many defects, etc;

2. In sand mold casting, small large-scale production of parts, high labor efficiency of workers;

3. The casting quality is stable, the process flow is many, the hazardous factors are complex, it is easy to cause many defects.

Casting defects have a key hazard to the quality of castings. Therefore, in order to casting aluminum alloy casting method, the manufacturing of low-pressure casting parts needs to start the quality of castings, integrate the generation prevention of key defects of castings.


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