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Radiator air chamber

Radiator air chamber

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Sealing inspection of motor cylinder

There are seven factors that harm cylinder sealing, the key is cylinder wear, piston ring damage, piston wear, cylinder seat damage, valve guide wear, cylinder gasket damage, valve many other problems.

What is the common way of diagnosis? The key points are to measure the cylinder pressure, the gas supply volume of crankcase channeling, the steam leakage volume the steam leakage rate of the low-pressure casting inspection standard cylinder, the vacuum value of the air inlet, the vibration measurement of the noise caused by the excessive wear of the cylinder piston group, the measurement of the water content of the particles is the wear metal material in the crankcase.

For the measurement of cylinder reduction pressure, the key is the pressure at the end of reduction of four stroke diesel engine. Because the pressure of the cylinder the viscosity of the engine oil the cylinder piston group match with each other, the adjustment of the valve mechanism is appropriate, the sealing of the cylinder gasket other level elements, therefore, when measuring the pressure of the cylinder of the diesel engine, Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum parts manufacturing can confirm the sealing condition of the cylinder piston group, if the piston ring, cylinder cylinder gasket are sealed If the performance is good, then the air cylinder gap must be moderate.

Electromotor shell


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