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Transport assembly motor parts

Transport assembly motor parts

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(1) Barriers to market of vehicle parts purchase management system

The pyramid shaped supporting facilities between the vehicle factory the parts enterprises result in the relatively fixed interdependence between the vehicle the parts enterprises, their cooperative relations are relatively strong. It is difficult for new enterprises to replace the original supporting facilities dealers.

(2) Quality certification system, whole process audit of processing technology product identification fortress

Server manufacturers should carry out strict selection operation for parts supporting facilities enterprises. Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum parts manufacturers must establish a third-party quality management system that is internationally recognized by server manufacturers, such as ISO / TS16949; secondly, server manufacturers also need to carry out strict rating audit in various fields of parts components supporting plants (such as qcldm quality / cost / freight logistics / product R & D / management methods), carry out on-site manufacturing plus Process audit; finally, each supporting facility product must go through rigorous quality audit long-term product one key installation test evaluation.

(3) Technical requirements

Most of the auto parts manufacturing enterprises produce unique production process in the processing process. Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum production process has unique core competitiveness in improving product characteristics, product credibility, productivity cost control. In addition, the sales market of server supporting facilities stipulates that dealers have a strong ability of new technology application new product development design, actively participate in the product development design of vehicle manufacturers.

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