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Automobile shell parts

Automobile shell parts

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According to the import export data of China Customs sorted out by China Automobile Industry Association, in 2014, the export amount of automobile products in China continued to increase by a small margin, with a total export amount of US $84.314 billion, up 7.08% year on year. Among them, the export amount of auto parts is 64.617 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.02% year on year, a slight slowdown compared with last year; it accounts for 76.64% of the total export amount of auto products, the market share is 0.36% higher than last year. However, the export share of automobile is only 15.23%, which is far lower than that of parts.

Overall, the export situation of auto parts in 2014 was good. Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting production Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting manufacturer parts export has become a key factor to drive the export of automobile products. Four categories of auto parts (diesel engine, auto parts, notes car body, auto, motorcycle tires, other auto related commodities), Hangzhou low-pressure casting parts manufacturing export amount is higher than the average, in which the total export of diesel engine is 3.6622 million, an increase of 10.56%; Zhejiang low-pressure casting aluminum processing export amount is 1.68 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.69% year on year; The export value of auto parts, notes car bodies reached US $35.359 billion, an increase of 11.96% year on year, a significant increase compared with last year; the export value of auto, motorcycle tires other auto related products increased slower than last year, with exports of US $15.151 billion US $12.427 billion respectively, an increase of 1.83% 5.43% year on year.

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