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Several processes of aluminum casting characteristics of low pressure casting

2019-11-18 16:10:45

Because of the low cost, strong technology, remelting energy saving of aluminum alloy die casting, the application development trend of this kind of raw materials will last for a long time. For example, research development of cupola reheating furnace dual smelting process weapon equipment; generally excellent Xius technology of desulfuration filtration of molten iron flue gas; production manufacturing technology of thick wall high toughness aluminum die casting; production manufacturing technology of pig iron high polymer material; surface partial strengthening technology of aluminum die casting; complete equipment technology of equal temperature ductile iron casting; selection of special technology weapon equipment such as metal mold casting, sand covered metal mold forging, continuous forging, etc. 铸铝件的几种工艺及低压浇铸件的特点Aluminum alloy die casting forging light aluminum alloy has a series of high-quality characteristics, such as low relative density, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., which will be more widely used in aviation companies, aerospace, small cars, mechanical equipment other manufacturing industries. Several processes of aluminum casting characteristics of low pressure casting

Especially in the automobile industry, in order to reduce oil consumption improve the utilization rate of power energy, it is a long-term development trend to replace steel iron castings with aluminum nickel base alloy castings. Among them, it mainly deals with the refining technology of zero pollution, high efficiency simple practical operation, mould technology, crystal optimization technology rapid inspection technology in front of the furnace. In order to further improve the performance of raw materials To give full play to the potential of raw materials, the low-pressure aluminum casting processing factory can develop high-quality aluminum alloy profile raw materials, especially aluminum-based polymer materials to consider the performance regulations of different working conditions; to enhance the research of cluster aluminum alloy smelting process, to continue the research of aluminum alloy aluminum casting extrusion casting process related technologies; to improve the manufacturing of low-pressure aluminum casting in Hangzhou; to improve non-ferrous gold It belongs to the research development of smelting machinery, equipment related technologies processes.


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