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Difference between casting forging: low pressure aluminum casting manufacturer

2019-11-18 16:10:45


1、 Difference between forging casting:

1. The actual meaning of words sentences is different:

Forging: making the metal raw materials with permeability into steel parts with certain shape specification by hammering, changing its chemical properties.

Casting: the production processing method that the metal is melted into liquid then poured into the mould, the low-pressure casting parts are produced cleaned by refrigeration condensation to obtain the casting with the required shape. It can be made into various objects with various shapes.

2. The processing technology is different:

Forging: it is a production processing method that uses forging equipment to press metal blank to cause plastic deformation so as to obtain forgings with certain physical properties, shapes specifications. It is one of the major components of forging (forging stamping die).

Casting: it is to cast liquid metal into the casting cavity which is consistent with the shape of the part. After it is cooled coagulated, it can get the part hairy embryo.

2、 Main uses of forging casting:

1. Forging is generally used in the production processing of forgings of certain shapes specifications

2. Casting is a relatively economic development of the hair embryo forming method, generally used in the shape of miscellaneous parts.

3、 Advantages disadvantages of forging casting:

Forging advantages:

According to the shortcomings of forging, which can remove the loose casting state caused by metal in the whole process of smelter, improve the external economic organization structure, in addition, due to the storage of detailed metal streamline, the physical properties of forgings are generally better than those of castings with the same raw materials. For the key parts with high load poor working standard in the mechanical equipment, besides the simple shape of cold-rolled plate, aluminum profile weldment, forgings are often used.

Casting advantages:

1. Be able to make parts with complicated shapes, especially the hairy embryo on the complicated inner wall.

2. It has a wide adaptability. The common metal raw materials in industrial production can be cast, which can reach several hundred tons.

3. Raw materials come a wide range of high quality low price, such as waste steel, waste parts, cutting, etc.

4. The shape specification of the casting are very close to the parts, which reduces the drilling amount belongs to the production processing without drilling.

5. It is widely used. 40% - 70% of agricultural machinery 70% - 80% of net weight in CNC lathe of Hangzhou low-pressure aluminum casting factory are all castings.

Forging defects:

1. In forging manufacturing, it is easy to produce traumatic safety accidents.

2. Cost relative casting is higher than many.

Casting defects:

1. Physical properties are inferior to forgings, such as thick mechanism many defects.

2. In sand mold casting, small large-scale production with high labor efficiency.

3. The casting quality is stable, the technological process is many, the hazardous factors are complex, which is easy to cause many disadvantages in Hangzhou low-pressure aluminum casting production.


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