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Several common methods processes of casting aluminum parts for auto parts

2019-11-18 16:10:45


They can be said to be closely connected. Gravity casting: sand casting, hard mold casting Hangzhou low pressure casting production. The molten metal is poured into the die by the gravity of the metal itself. Working pressure casting: bottom pressure casting, high pressure casting. With the help of additional elevated working pressure, molten metal is pressed into the casting die in an instant.

The casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, the preparation of casting metal in advance, the preparation of mold in advance the solution of casting. Casting metal refers to the metal raw materials used to cast castings in casting manufacturing. It is an alloy composed of one metal element as the key component other metal type metal elements added. It is customarily called casting alloy. The key factors are cast iron Hangzhou low pressure casting processing, steel casting cast non-ferrous plate alloy.

Mold preparation in advance: mold can be divided into sand mold, metal mold, porcelain mold, mud mold high-purity graphite mold according to common raw materials, can be divided into one-off mold, pattern embroidery mold permanent mold according to application frequency. The quality of mold preparation in advance is the key factor endangering the quality of castings;

The melting pouring of casting metal - the key of casting metal (casting alloy) is various kinds of pig iron, steel casting casting non-ferrous plate metal alloy;

Casting solution inspection - casting solution includes eliminating the core surface dirt of low-pressure casting aluminum parts price, removing the pouring riser, scraping the burr drape seam other protuberances as well as their conditioning treatment, plastic aesthetic treatment, rust prevention primary processing, etc.


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