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Explosion proof electric box

Explosion proof electric box

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It is the most widely used raw material for foundry technology.

Sand casting

Using sand as the raw material of the mold, according to the different composition of sand, it can be subdivided into green sand mold dry sand mold, but all sand can be used for casting.

The advantage is that the cost is low, because the sand used in the mold can be reused for many times; the defect of auto parts aluminum casting manufacturers is that when the mold is used for manufacturing, the mold itself cannot be reused for many times, only after it is destroyed can the finished product be obtained.


Using the metal material with higher melting point than the raw material to make the mold. It is subdivided into force casting method, bottom pressure casting method high die casting method.

Depending on the melting point of the mold, the metal materials that can be cast also have certain limits.

Investment casting, lost wax casting

This method can be the outer film casting method the solid-state casting method.

To copy the articles that must be cast with wax, then infiltrate into the pool containing porcelain wait for drying. In the production of low-pressure aluminum casting, the imitated products made of wax knead a layer of porcelain outer film, the process is repeated until the outer film can be applied to the whole casting process (about 1 / 4 inch to 1 / 8 inch), then melt the wax in the mold, release the mold. After that, the mold must be several times high temperature in many aspects, the strength side can be used for casting only after the strength side is improved.

This method has excellent accuracy can be used for the casting of high melting point metal materials (such as titanium). But because the price of porcelain is very high, it has to be heated several times complicated to make, the cost is very expensive.


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