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Lightning arrester

Lightning arrester

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Smelting of forged non-ferrous alloy

Smelting process is very harmful to the properties disadvantages of non-ferrous alloy castings. Most non-ferrous alloys are easy to cause porosity impurity, especially in titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy some copper alloy. The general smelting production process is as follows:

1) According to the alloy model required by the casting technical standard, the composition category of the alloy can be found out the composition can be selected it;

2) According to the original ablation rate composition regulations, carry out the adjustment calculation, calculate the amount of various furnace charge, the furnace charge. If the burden of low-pressure casting parts is polluted, it must be solved to ensure that all the burden is cleaned rustless, heating is carried out before charging;

3) Regularly check prepare chemical products in advance, brush heat the building coating to avoid the pollution of vapor, impurities hazardous elements;

4) Feeding. The general feeding sequence is: return charge, positive intermediate alloy metal material charge, low melting point air oxidation prone metal material charge of low-pressure aluminum casting manufacturer, such as magnesium, shall be added after the furnace charge is melted;

5) In order to reduce the breathing of alloy liquid air oxidation pollution, melting should be carried out as early as possible to avoid over temperature. According to the requirement, some alloy liquid must be maintained with covering agent;

6) After the furnace charge is melted, the refining solution is carried out to clean the alloy liquid, the actual effect of refining is tested;




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