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High voltage switch cabinet

High voltage switch cabinet

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In terms of the second type of quality control, Al Qaeda has made significant changes, which can be roughly divided into five categories:

(1) Soft quenching: its purpose depends on dissolving cementite, reducing its strength, cold insulation of low-pressure casting parts improving the production processing performance. For ductile iron castings, its purpose depends on obtaining a large number of ferrite mechanisms.

(2) Quenching process: the key purpose is to obtain ferrite sorbite mechanism to improve the mechanical properties of castings.

(3) Heat treatment: the key is to obtain higher strength friction coefficient compressive strength, in addition to the very high surface wear resistance.

(4) Surface hardening solution: the key is to obtain the surface hardening layer, in addition to obtain very high surface wear resistance.

(5) Solution of solution hardening: the key is that the elongation does change violently to obtain high toughness.

(6) Solution to the shortcomings of surface forging: sometimes people's shortcomings are many, the manufacturing of low-pressure casting parts will cost a lot of money. People can repair it with some repair glue, which is convenient simple. For example, for iron raw materials, people can repair it with js902. If they don't use it up, they can put it in then use it. That way, they can serve people Our manufacturers reduce costs, our foundry companies allocate a lot of money to improve the quality of their products, so that users can have a lot of wealth.


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