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Actuator piston

Actuator piston

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The piston is a part of the engine cylinder block that moves repeatedly. The basic structure of the piston can be divided into top, top journal. The top of the piston is a key part of the combustion chamber, its shape is related to the way of combustion chamber. Most gasoline engines use the piston with sloping roof, which has the advantage of small total area of endothermic reaction. There are many kinds of dents on the top of piston in diesel engine, the actual shape, position size of which must be consistent with the air-fuel ratio of diesel engine.

All the piston keys can be divided into three parts: piston crown, piston head piston skirt.

The key function of the piston is to bear the ignition working pressure in the cylinder send this force to the engine crankshaft according to the piston pin crankshaft. In addition, the piston, cylinder head cylinder wall form a combustion chamber.

The piston top is a part of the combustion chamber, so it is often made into different shapes. The gasoline engine piston is mostly made of slope roof concave top. The low-pressure cast aluminum parts are convenient for processing to make the combustion chamber structure compact, the total heat pipe heat dissipation area is small, the production processing technology is simple. Crown piston is common in two stroke gasoline engine. The piston crown of a diesel engine is often made into various dents.


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