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Actuator block

Actuator block

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Molding core making are basically carried out in accordance with the forging process regulations, with a clear modeling method the preparation of modeling raw materials in advance. The key to the precision of castings the actual effect of economic development of all machining processes lies in this process. In many intelligent forging workshops, the modeling core making have maintained professional automatic technology. The common sand molding core making machines equipment for auto parts aluminum casting production include high, medium bottom pressure molding machine, air impact molding machine, no box injection molding machine, cold box core making machine hot box core making machine, coated sand core making machine, etc.

After the casting is removed the metal mold casting of casting refrigeration, there are rubber inlet, riser, metal material burr drape joint. Sand is also adhered to the casting of sand mold forging, so it must go through the removal process. The machines equipment used in this kind of work include angle grinder, shot blasting cleaning machine, automatic cutting machine for pouring riser, etc. In the production of low-pressure aluminum castings, sand removal is a process with weak labor standards. Therefore, when selecting the molding method, we should give full consideration to creating a convenient standard for sand removal. Due to special requirements, some castings also need post-treatment process, such as quenching tempering, plastic aesthetic treatment, rust prevention, primary processing, etc.


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