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valve body

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The definition of "valve" is a device used to control the orientation, working pressure total flow of hydrodynamics in the hydrodynamics system software. The low-pressure casting processing gate valve is a device that can make the medium (liquid, vapor, powder) in the pipe machine equipment flow terminate, can control its total flow

The material of valve body is based on different processing medium different raw materials are used.

Common materials are: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel plate, carbon steel, plastic, copper, etc.

Generally, the valve body with the specification model of the middle bottom pressure adopts the forging process to produce the valve body.

The valve body of medium high pressure specifications models is produced by casting process.

It can reasonably bear the working pressure of the medium after producing the sealing property together with the valve core the sealing ring of the high-pressure gate valve.

The initial development trend of cast steel is necessary to integrate these production capacities beyond those of cast iron brass valves. Low pressure cast aluminum parts are manufactured, but because the overall performance index of carbon steel valve is good, the resistance to compressive strength of in-situ stress caused by thermal deformation, impact load pipe deformation is large, its application scope is expanded, generally including the working condition standard of cast iron valve brass gate valve. Suitable for medium high pressure valves with operating temperature between - 29 ℃ 425 ℃. Among them, 16Mn 30mn are commonly used as substitutes for astma105 when the temperature is between - 40 ℃ 400 ℃. The available media are saturated water vapor saturated steam. High ultra-low temperature oil products, vaporized steam, air compression, water, natural gas, etc.




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