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High pressure electric valve body

High pressure electric valve body

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With the development of high new technology the rapid development of machining industry, different forging methods of low-pressure casting of aluminum castings have different contents of metal mold preparation in advance. Taking the most common sand casting as an example, the advance preparation of metal casting includes the advance preparation of molding raw materials, molding core making. In sand casting, all kinds of raw materials for molding core making, such as forging raw sand, molding sand adhesive other auxiliary materials, molding sand, core sand, building coating so on, are generally called molding raw materials. The daily task of preparing molding raw materials in advance is to suitable raw sand, adhesive auxiliary materials according to the regulations of casting parts the characteristics of metal materials, then press A certain proportion mixes them into molding sand core sand with certain characteristics. The common sand mixing machines for low-pressure casting production are grinding wheel trial sand mixing machine, forward flow sand mixing machine rotary sand mixing machine. The latter is dedicated to mixing organic chemical self hardening sand design, continuous mixing, sand mixing faster.


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