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Casting classification

The key points are sand casting special casting.

General sand casting, using sand as the raw material of mold, also known as sand casting, sand turning, including wet sand, dry sand organic chemical hard bottom sand, but all sand can be used for casting. The advantage is that the cost is low, because the sand used in the mold can be reused for many times; the defect of Zhejiang low-pressure casting factory is that when the mold is used, the mold itself can be reused for many times, only after it is destroyed can the finished product be obtained.

1.1 sand mold (core) casting method: wet sand mold, epoxy resin self hardening sand mold, sodium silicate sand mold, dry mold dry solid mold, solid mold casting, air pressure mold design.

1.2 production manufacturing mode of sand core: it is selected according to the specification, appearance, mass production actual manufacturing standards of sand core. In manufacturing, low-pressure casting processing plant can be divided into manual core making equipment core making.

2. Special casting, according to the raw materials of molding design, can be divided into special casting (such as investment casting, mud casting, shell casting, air pressure casting, solid casting, porcelain casting, etc.) with pure natural mineral resources sand stone as the key raw materials of molding design special casting (such as metal material mold casting, working pressure casting, etc.) with metal materials as the key raw materials of metal mold casting Continuous casting, bottom pressure casting, suction filtration casting, etc.).


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