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Modern times

In the new century of the 20th century, the development trend of casting is rapid. One of the key factors is the development of commodity technology, which stipulates that all kinds of mechanical equipment of casting have stronger physical properties still have excellent mechanical processing manufacturing properties. The other reason is the development trend of China's machinery other industrial production, such as chemical plant instrument panel, low-pressure aluminum casting processing plant It has created a useful material life for the foundry industry. For example, the development trend of inspection method ensures the improvement of casting quality stability, shows the standard for the development trend of foundational casting theory; the invention of transmission electron microscope helps everyone to go deep into the metal micro world, explore the secrets of metal crystal, research the basic theory of metal solidification scientifically, guide the casting manufacturing specifically.

Casting definition

Casting smelting of metal, production manufacturing of mold, pouring of molten metal into the mold, forming method of rough embryo of metal parts with certain appearance, specification performance after solidification

Casting is the whole process of smelting metal into a certain specified liquid pouring it into the mold. After cooling, solidification cleaning, the castings with predetermined appearance low-pressure casting aluminum price specification performance can be obtained. Because the casting embryo is almost formed, it can achieve the goal of no machining small-scale production processing to reduce the cost manufacturing time at a certain level. Casting is one of the basic processing technologies in the contemporary equipment production manufacturing industry.


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