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Aluminum transmission base

Aluminum transmission base

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  • Release date:2020-04-02
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At present, the aluminum die casting is the main part of automobile castings, especially the use of nodular cast iron has replaced many Steel castings steel castings, cause malleable cast iron to close to the recession on the basis of the use of auto parts. Zhejiang low-pressure casting manufacturer's excellent toughness easy to control lean production mode make its application proportion gradually increase. The research development of high-strength high wear-resistant ductile iron products will become the key to the continuous use of ductile iron.

Aluminum alloy profiles have a series of excellent performance green environmental protection practical effect. They are used more more in cars motorcycles, their proportion in the material structure is gradually increasing. The quality of the relief car itself is one of the key ways to expand its application, in order to significantly relieve the vehicle weight, Zhejiang low-pressure casting production must choose aluminum alloy profile raw materials to replace the car body (about 30%), diesel engine (about 18%), transmission device (about 15%), walking system (about 16%), wheel (about 15%) other steel parts which account for a large proportion of the vehicle weight.

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