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Aluminum transmission base

Aluminum transmission base

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During the whole process of aluminum alloy casting, the following problems must be paid attention to:

1. Before carrying out aluminum alloy casting, it is necessary to check whether the machine equipment are in normal operation, whether there is a guarantee position for moistening, whether the galvanized steel wire rope of the low-pressure aluminum casting manufacturer is damaged, whether the power switch is convenient, etc.

2. Before casting, the dummy head must be put in place, each area must be overhauled inspected. If it is damaged, it must be replaced repaired immediately.

3. The convection tank relevant casting special tools shall be heated to solve the problem. When heating to solve the problem, remember to put the filter screen in place.

4. When casting aluminum alloy, it is necessary to wait for the relevant mold to be filled with aluminum water before starting to work. When manufacturing casting low-pressure aluminum castings, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of speed temperature.

5. At the end of the casting machine, the water should be cut off before the work, so as to ensure that all the aluminum water in it flows out.

6. After opening the water hole, the plug head should be replaced immediately, the water inlet should be closed, so as to have the actual effect of controlling the total flow.

7. If there is a large destruction of the graphite ring cracks, it must be replaced immediately.

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