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Transmission case

Transmission case

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Raw material picking lean management of foundry

Aluminum ingot riser are the key materials for low pressure casting. Generally, the management of riser is extensive;

After weighing, the aluminum ingot riser materials are sent to the warehouse on the spot of the production workshop. At this time, the total amount is more than the standard use amount of the product;

When charging, the volume of the furnace is taken as the standard. The lean production method of casting will result in the leftover material, i.e. the riser material. After casting, the riser material must be cut down stored centrally for recycling;

The manufacturing process is to create riser material, how to manage riser material reasonably is important to reduce consumption;

Management method of casting mould preparation in advance

The sand mold is used for casting manufacture application. The sand core must be smashed after casting;

Before casting, it is necessary to carry out the production manufacturing of sand mold. The desert aluminum alloy die-casting parts of Zhejiang low-pressure casting processing factory are one-to-one matching facilities;

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