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Gearbox housing

Gearbox housing

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The aluminum casting production processing manufacturer is located in the role of secondary supplier in the auto parts industry. The whole vehicle turning plan is dissolved into the system integrator's prediction plan, then the system integrator's prediction plan is dissolved into the aluminum casting production processing manufacturer. Because the manufacturing plan of the main engine plant the system integrator is very poor It is true that Hangzhou low-pressure casting parts processing plant has bullwhip effect, which leads to the ups downs of secondary suppliers' manufacturing; the prediction plan of casting aluminum parts comes many aspects, such as customer prediction dissolved according to the quantity of supporting facilities, sales order inventory turnover days of Zhejiang Hangzhou low-pressure casting parts processing plant, which often causes product quality problems due to a commodity of supporting facilities of a supplier, resulting in the main problems The machine factory temporarily changed the manufacturing plan, the aluminum alloy low-pressure casting parts were cold isolated, which resulted in chain reaction. All suppliers of low-pressure casting parts manufacturing in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province had the general adjustment plan;

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