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A brief comment on the development of new automatic low-pressure aluminum casting equipment in China

2019-11-18 16:10:08


Zhejiang Aokai metal products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in various low-pressure casting gravity casting aluminum castings for many years, In addition, we are also diligent in developing designing the business processes of aluminum die casting sand casting. At present, the aluminum castings included include: aluminum casting oil circuit board, motor cylinder, high-speed rail car delivery parts, intelligent aluminum casting components of automation technology, human body base castings. In the 21st century with rapid economic development trend, the application of scientific technological progress has a development trend for a company even all manufacturing industries All of them play an important role. The development design of full-automatic low-pressure casting machine equipment is a new reform for the foundry industry.

Compared with the traditional gravity casting, this new type of automatic casting equipment has the advantages of less copper consumption, high casting quality automatic process. At this stage, Zhejiang auto parts casting aluminum parts processing factory is rare in China with such machinery equipment, the company manufacturing such weapons equipment is also zero. The development design of full-automatic low-pressure casting machine equipment in China means the further improvement of the casting process in China, the reduction of working hours, the reduction of cost cost, the improvement of casting quality. This kind of new full-automatic low-pressure casting machine equipment brings the development dedication of the casting industry. Hangzhou Auto parts aluminum casting processing factory firmly believes that this kind of new upgraded casting equipment will be for me The development trend of China's foundry industry shows a stronger driving force. Zhejiang Aokai metal manufacturing is very good.


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