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What are the operation requirements for low-pressure casting processing

2019-11-18 16:10:08


In the process of aluminum casting processing system, it is mainly a traditional forging process with sand as the main appearance material. Most of its lifting hoisting sand mold units are forged by gravity. If there are special regulations, it is possible to use high pressure forging suction filtration forging for Zhejiang Hangzhou Auto parts casting aluminum factory. Moreover, the commonality of sand casting is very wide, regardless of the size, huge level, quantity so on, this kind of processing technology can be adopted.

In the process of aluminum casting, we still have to fight against the mold. The traditional mold is all built of wood, but there are many disadvantages, so the sagging has been cut long ago. It is replaced by high specification precision. Although the cost of using aluminum alloy profile mold epoxy resin mold with long service life is slightly higher, the result is still extremely good. Because each sand metal mold can only be used for pouring once, the casting parts are destroyed after being produced, so it is also necessary to forge the beginning, so the legal effect will be much lower; moreover, the sand itself is sent to Zhejiang low-pressure aluminum casting processing plant with soft porous structure, so the precision of casting specifications will also be reduced, the overview will look rough. I believe that with the continuous improvement of technology, this kind of inadequacy can be subdued, the processed material will be doubled.

Aluminum casting processing in the process of terminating the construction of the system, each time it is poured, its mold overview will be coated with a building coating. In addition, we need to cool the mold temperature. In practice, it is necessary to immerse the mold in the architectural coating tank (high-purity graphite stainless steel tank), so as to solve the regulation. The influence of high-purity graphite: high-purity graphite is the supply of high-temperature resistant materials. The high-temperature copper water is separated the mold by Hangzhou low-pressure casting plant, Zhejiang Province, to protect expand the service life of the mold; the fine graphite powder can increase the activity of copper water, making the material easy to cast.

Which is the best gravity Forging Aluminum Alloy Profile

In the process of aluminum casting processing, the relative density of the raw material aluminum alloy profile is high its ductility is good. In the process of using the system, it has excellent wear resistance heat treatment. After heat treatment, gravity forging of aluminum alloy profile can effectively promote its material compressive strength.


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