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Processing method of producing low pressure aluminum casting

2019-11-18 16:10:08


The production processing methods of aluminum alloy die casting include forging, die forging, cold rolling, hot rolling, punching extrusion forming, among which punching extrusion forming are more common. According to the principle of extrusion forming, the drilling method can be divided into simulation method generation method (also known as generation method) for the manufacturers of low-pressure aluminum castings. Generation method is the most common way in gear machining, such as transmission gear forming, gear hobbing, cutting so on. Using the norm method can extrude the tooth profile of the transmission gear of various modified materials with the same modification coefficient, pressure angle different tooth number with the numerical control blade, the extruding is of high precision.

When the basic way is used to extrude the gear shaft, the top of the aluminum alloy die casting of the CNC machine tool sometimes excessively selects the gear teeth of the gear shaft, laser cuts a small part of the involute gear of the gear teeth, resulting in the drilling of the gear teeth. The staggered joint of the shaft sleeve will reduce the tensile strength, coincidence bearing capacity, so the staggered joint of Hangzhou low pressure casting parts manufacturer should be avoided as far as possible in the new project construction. This experiment simulates the machining process of shafting method. With aluminum alloy casting as wheel blank signature pen as cutting edge of CNC machine tool, the whole process of generating tooth profile can be clearly seen.

The generation method is to use the law of tooth profile fitness movement to produce low profile die-casting aluminum parts by laser cutting. When two shafts ( sound card rack) are toothed with each other, the envelope of the common U-shaped tooth profile is enveloped with each other. During extrusion, one sleeve ( sound card frame) is included in the numerical control blade, the other wheel is the wheel blank. Both are normal acceleration. In addition, the numerical control blade also holes along the axial direction of the wheel blank. In the end, the tooth profiles extruded by the wheel blank are the envelope lines of each position of the cutting edge of the CNC machine tool. The whole process is fused with the tooth without backlash. The wheel box is similar. According to the difference of the shafting generator set, the operation steps of generating the tooth profile can be clearly understood.


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