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Brief introduction of low pressure casting processing

2019-11-18 16:10:08


In the process of aluminum casting, compound is the key raw material of all kinds of refractory thermal insulation materials. Aluminum casting can promote the production of small particles, change the product scale method, reduce the moisture content of laminated glass morning fog. Preservative is a kind of carbonaceous compound with about 60% ZrO2 in waxy calcite.

In the whole process of aluminum casting production manufacturing, the key point of low-pressure casting production in Zhejiang Province is the pure aluminum aluminum alloy machinery equipment obtained forging production processing. At a certain level, it is usually heated to liquid by sand metal abrasive tools.

Pour aluminum aluminum alloy into the core. Aluminum aluminum alloy parts of various shapes specifications are generally called aluminum die castings.

Aluminum castings are the incomparable advantages of other castings at a certain level, such as elegant appearance, light weight, corrosion resistance, etc., which make them popular with customers. Especially since the automobile new energy, the forging aluminum alloy casting has been widely used in the automobile industry.

The relative density of cast aluminum alloy is smaller than that of pig iron steel, but its strength is higher. Therefore, under the same load standard, the aluminum alloy casting can relieve the net weight of the structure. Therefore, aluminum alloy castings have been widely used in aerospace industry, power machinery transportation machinery manufacturing. Aluminum alloy has excellent surface gloss corrosion resistance in gas water, which is widely used in the production of civil equipment.

Aluminum castings have excellent corrosion resistance in acid-base air oxidation substances such as sodium cyanide formic acid. Therefore, aluminum castings can also be used in petrochemical industry. Pure aluminum aluminum alloy have excellent heat transfer performance. They are also suitable for the production manufacture of low-pressure casting equipment for aluminum castings, such as heat exchangers made in chemical plants parts that must have excellent heat transfer performance in power machinery, such as cylinder heads piston rods of gas turbines.


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