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Aluminum volute

Aluminum volute

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Aluminum volute:9.8KG T6 heat treatment, CNC machining

High quality refractories are indispensable in the process of smelting casting. The quality of refractories in melting furnace in the middle iron / steel ladle will immediately endanger the composition of the liquid metal material the comprehensive quality of the casting will lead to the bad harm that can be retained

Classification of common refractories in casting smelting process:

Insulating brick: silica brick, high alumina refractory brick, corundum brick, magnesia brick, magnesia alumina brick, magnesia carbon brick, etc

Clay refractory: ramming material, castable, refractory cement, silica sand, magnesia, wiping material its light heat insulation material, etc

As a key basic industry of China's machinery, with the rapid development trend of information, to improve the production manufacturing efficiency manufacturing quality of casting, low-pressure casting of aluminum casting will be a subject for many casting workers

Over the years, the continuous increase of the unqualified rate of the casting products is the defect of all kinds of casting methods in the manufacturing industry. It seems that how to control the whole casting process better in the production of low-pressure casting parts is very important! Therefore, the emergence of the casting process simulation system will gradually deal with the difficulties in the manufacturing industry, In the next step, how to upgrade the simulation process to a more accurate computing tool, how to digitize, how to use cloud computing technology to better solve a lot of main parameter data information, so that many professional casting technicians can better share the public data information such as resources,


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