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Automobile elbow

Automobile elbow

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initial stage

The 875kg simuwangding of the Yin merchants of China, the zunpan of Zeng Houyi of the Warring States, the translucent mirror of the Han Dynasty are all representative commodities forged in ancient times. In the early stage, most of the castings were special tools utensils for agriculture, religion, life other aspects, the color of plastic arts was profound. At that time, the forging technology of low-pressure casting production manufacturing was the development trend of parallel processing with ceramic processing technology, it was seriously harmed by ceramic ware.

Developing trend

In 513 A.D., China produced the most common iron casting in the world, Jin metal mould tripod, weighing about 270Kg. Europe began to make iron castings around the 8th century. The appearance of iron castings has expanded the scope of application of castings. For example, in the 15th-17th century, Germany, France other countries successively laid many cast iron drainage pipes for domestic water supply to households. After the scientific technological revolution in the 18th century, industrial production such as steam generator, textile machine railway line prevailed. Under the new situation of Hangzhou low-pressure aluminum casting factory's casting entering into the service project for large industrial production, the casting process just began to have a big development trend.

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