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Elevator motor shell

Elevator motor shell

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As the basis of auto industry, auto parts are the essential elements to support the development trend of auto industry. Hangzhou Auto parts casting aluminum parts manufacturer is an independent development design independent innovation that the automobile manufacturing industry has been desperate to carry out, which must be supported by a strong parts system. The independent brand technological innovation of the whole vehicle must be based on the parts. The technological innovation of the parts components has a strong driving force for the development of the whole vehicle industry. They have mutual influence mutual force. Without the independent brand of the whole vehicle, the low-pressure casting aluminum casting enterprise, the independent innovation ability of the product research development of the strong parts components system cannot break out, without the support of the strong parts components system, they are independent It's hard for the brand to make a big hand tour.

January to December 2005, all auto parts spare parts manufacturing companies in China maintained a cumulative industrial output value of 3838009521000 yuan, an increase of 18.67% over the current period of last year; maintained a cumulative commodity sales income of 3752658151000 yuan, an increase of 20.21% over the current period of last year; maintained a total assets of 21462021000 yuan, a decrease of 9.09% over the current period of last year.

Electromotor shell


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